Carolina Rossi P. 

To become visible, you need to step out of the crowd. To make an impact, you need courage...and that´s an art that once´s can master.


Caro  Rossi

I  dream of becoming a drummer and football player when I was a kid, but life pushed me to enrich myself by studying mass communication, strategy, and journalism, finally the business world conquer me and I began running my own business before I WAS 20! Today I live between Europe and Latin America and I am truly passionate about empowering innovators worldwide. I am Chilean/Italian. Grew up in Brazil and have lived in Ireland and travel the world since then...

Carolina has been a fundamental anchor in the growth of the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America in the last decade. Having been a Harvard Social Venture Fellow in 2009 with her Social Impact Project "Unidas", she then later became a lead member of the first team to create and manage a successful public policy called Start-Up Chile.

She founded the first Chilean Carpooling company ("Yebame") which received an investment given by the original investors of Netflix and Guitar Hero. She is also an SOS Venture Fellow (World Leading Accelerator networks for early stage founders) and an active advisor for innovation at the World Bank (Jamaica 2014, Lebanon 2015, Honduras 2017).
With a background in strategic communications and journalism, she is also author of the book "Comunicación Estrategica: siete casos para la reflexión ".
With experience in leading highly qualified innovative projects, she is currently a member of the advisory board of Keiron Technologies (leading health tech company in Chile) and Laboratoria (main digital training platform for women in tech). She co-founded InnovaRock Media and Senior Partner at Moon Advisors - a firm specializing in generating content & data for tech companies that want to enter the Latin American market). She is also a global mentor and juror for a significant number of entrepreneurial organizations.